Horse Insurance

Why should you ensure your horse?

Horse insurance policies are designed to help with the hefty bills that can occur if your horse gets ill or has a health-related emergency. 

Owning a horse is such a rewarding experience, and as you love your pet you will of course want to make sure your horse is protected should anything happen. Accidents can occur when you least expect it, as can sudden illness so you shouldn’t delay in insuring your horse. 

Basic insurance

Basic horse insurance policies will cover any necessary veterinary treatment fees, normally for injury, accident, illness or diseases. Unless you are taking out lifetime cover, illnesses will only be covered for the first twelve months, dependant on any financial limits this may be a shorter period of time. Make sure you are clear on exactly what your policy covers you for.


Extra items are normally available to add onto your equine insurance policy dependant on which company you decide to go with. Some companies offer premium plans which include more flexibility.

Some examples of optional extras are listed below.

Loss of use

If you a professional rider you may be entitled to cover the value of any activities you were scheduled to take part in.


In the tragic event that you should lose your beloved companion, some policies will insure you for the market value. This is normally dependant on circumstances, i.e. if your horse passed away due to accidental injury. Death cover also normally includes cover for the cost of any removal / disposal needed of your horses body.

Lost or Stolen

If your horse is lost or stolen for a significant period of time, some policies will cover the price you paid for your horse. This may also include and advertising and rewards costs.

Third party

If your horse causes damage, either to someone’s property or someone is killed or injured, this will be covered in most third party options. This is dependent on who is responsible for the accident legally. 


You can opt in to cover any saddlery, tack or trailers you may own. This will cover you for the cost if any items are lost, stolen, or damaged. Anyone who owns horses will know how costly the equipment can be, it is also a crucial element of owning a horse. Don’t lose out and make sure you are protected.

Mature horse insurance

Most insurance companies will over cover horses until the age of around 20 years. After which your horse is classed as mature and will require a different insurance policy.

Horse riding insurance

It is not just your horse that needs protection. Horse riding can be a dangerous activity and so it is best to make sure you are protected too.

Most horse riding insurance policies will include:

  • Personal Accident, Death and Disablement
  • Public Liability 
  • Loss of Education fees

Exactly what you are covered for will vary between insurance companies; often you will have the option to include more sections too.