Essential equipment for horse riding

Essential equipment for horse riding

If you have ever been to a horse tack shop you will know that there are hundreds of items available to purchase when it comes to horse riding equipment. As it can be over whelming to decide what is needed, here is a list of the essential items you will need and the intended purpose.


First and foremost, you will need a riding helmet. These come in many different styles and price options. There is no reason not to have a hat on your head at all times. You never know when an accident may occur regardless of riding skill as horses are unpredictable animals. 

Obviously, it would help to have horse riding insurance, although this will not prevent an accident from happening. Read more about riding insurance

Boots and clothing

Among British riders, breeches or jodhpurs if you are younger are traditionally worn. These should fit snug onto your body to prevent chaffing. Breeches help to keep you from sliding around on a smooth leather saddle meaning they are a safer option than say, a pair of jeans. These are available in hundreds of colours meaning you can still look stylish whilst riding your horse!

With regards to boots, English riders tend to like shorter boots for schooling and taller boots for showing, however it is really a case of personal preference and comfort. You an even buy lightweight boots that look more like a trainer, a lot of people think these are the comfiest option.

Halters and leads

These are the most frequently used pieces of horse riding equipment. These are not generally used for riding; however, they are used for pretty much everything else. You will need a good quality lead in case of breakage, and a decent length to allow the horse to have more movement.


Bridles consist of a headstall which is all of the parts of the bridle that go on your horses’ head, and also the reins that you hold to control your horse. A basic bridle and bit is all that is required however depending on your activity you may wish to opt for a tailored one. For example, long distance riders sometimes choose a western bridle as it is slightly comfier for the horse.

Saddles and pads

Perhaps the most important piece of riding equipment is the saddle. This helps you to keep balanced and secure on your horse, whilst distributing your weight on the horses back. A properly fitted saddle is essential as a badly fitted one can cause irreparable damage to your horses back. A pad underneath is also recommended to ensure the saddle does not rub on your horses back.

In addition to these basics there are many of other types of horse riding gear to consider based on your needs!

Grooming Equipment

If you would like to know more about grooming equipment