Horse Insurance Companies

Horse Insurance Companies

Health insurance is absolutely crucial to protect the well-being of your horse. You never know when tragedy will strike but you will always have peace of mind that all your medical costs will be covered if your horse is to ever get injured or fall ill.

No idea where to start your horse insurance comparison? Not sure what the policy benefits are? It can be quite daunting but we have provided you with all the information you need to get started comparing best horse insurance companies

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Health Insurance For Your Horse:

Medical costs and policies will vary depending on the age of your horse. The younger your horse is, the cheaper your premiums will be. Of course this is due to older horses being most likely to develop health issues so the premium rates go up on a risk assessment basis.

There are two main payment policies that you will have the option to choose from. The Lunar Monthly Policy in which the payments are broken down on a month-by-month basis. This is usually the easiest and most common way to pay for health insurance. There is also a Yearly Policy which is bulk payments paid out annually. 

Standard Horse Insurance

This is the basic most common health insurance policy for horses. This can cover death, public liability, theft or straying, personal accident, dental cover and stables cover. This is the standard cover that even the annual policies cover. This means if your horse has an accident or gets ill, it will be covered by all policies. However, if you do not care for the extra benefits and just want your horse to be covered by the basics, this is probably the best policy for you.  

This policy usually runs consecutively and renews every 28 days. You will be able to cancel the policy any time so this best suits horse owners who want to cover the basics without being under any formal contract.

Premium Horse Insurance

These tend to include optional benefits such as saddlery & tack, which covers damage caused by fire and violent force to a locked building. Vet fees which can range from acupunture to laser treatment and whatever is recommended by the vet. Replacement horse costs are also covered on the premium. This insurance is usually tied with a year policy which will get added benefits as well as all the health policies of standard horse insurance. 

The contract of the horse insurance will last a maximum of one year and afterwards you will be given the option to renew it. Premium insurance can also cover greater costs needed as sometimes only standard horse insurance can cover up to 10,000. Depending on the insurance you may need to shop around and see which benefits you the most as most premium insurance from companies will compete with each other to give you the best deal.

Senior horses tend to only be covered on premium and not the standard horse insurance so it is absolutely crucial to check if there are any additional costs that you may incur. Premium insurance is usually catered to those who have more than one horse rather than just your standard insurance for a single horse. You are more likely to get premium horse insurance if you own a stable.

Rider Insurance

Riding accidents don’t just happen to horse owners. So if you ride, but don’t own or permanently loan a horse, you could benefit from Rider Plan.

Cover is available for adults and children and includes personal accident, third party liability, emergency vet fees, hospital stays, dental bills and riding equipment.