Everything that you need to know about pet insurance

Having a pet can be expensive, not only do you need to think about all their accessories, feeding them and of course grooming them, but also how you would be able to afford any vet bills that could crop up.

Medical care for your pet isn’t cheap, so one way that you can be sure that you will be covered if they fall ill or are injured in an accident is with pet insurance. Want to know more about pet insurance? Then read on!

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of policy that covers the costs associated with veterinary treatment for your pet. You can also find insurance policies that will pay out if your pet causes an injury to a third party, or damages their property; as well as policies that help cover costs if your pet is lost or stolen. 

Whilst it is most common for pet insurance to cover cats and dogs, these policies are certainly not limited to these types of animals and can be arranged for birds, small and large mammals and reptiles. 

Why is it useful?

Our pets are an important part of our families, and much like you would want medical care for your family, you want it for your pet too. But unlike humans, our pets do not have access to an NHS system, whereby they will receive free medical care when things go wrong.

Veterinary care comes at a price, and if you cannot afford the treatment required, then you may be faced with a difficult decision. 

What factors are considered when calculating your premium?

Not sure how a quote for pet insurance is worked out? Much like any other insurance premiums, it takes into account ta wide range of factors. 

Some of the considerations include the breed, type and age of the animal that you want to insure, whether they are microchipped can also have an impact. 

The premium will also take into account the average fees that are charged by vets in your area as well as the gender of your pet. 

You can bring the price down of your premium by opting to up the voluntary excess that you will pay on each vet bill. However, remember, if anything does happen, you will be expected to pay out this amount before your insurer will cover any other costs associated with the treatment. 

When it comes to pet insurance there are a variety of different types to consider, as well as additional packages or opt ins that you can add to your policy.  You may want to insure your pet for any dental work that is required, something that is not often found on standard policies, or you may like to have the insurer contribute towards any kennel or cattery fees. 

No matter what type of insurance that you go for, having this cover for your pet is vital. Not only will it give you the peace of mind that your pet can have the treatment that it needs, but also protects you against any unexpected, and costly medical bills in the future. Leaving you to spend the money spoiling your prized pet instead!