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Petplan Equine Company Profile and Products

Petplan Equine was founded in 1988 and with more than 25 years’ experience in the horse insurance industry, they know exactly what horse owners need from an insurance provider.  As dedicated Equine specialists a large amount of Petplan Equine’s staff are riders and horse enthusiasts themselves, therefore the wellbeing of horses, ponys and riders is always at the forefront of their minds.

From happy hackers to polo champions, Petplan Equine has a policy to suit every rider and is one of the only Equine insurers to offer cover for animals up to 25 years old. You can guarantee that your policy has the longevity your animal needs.

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Petplan Equine

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The Benefits of Equine Insurance

Equine insurance is an essential part of being a rider, whether you own your own/ lease your horse or ride casually. From cover for accidents to damage of tack and personal injury you should never get in the saddle without it. Some of the benefits include…

  • A flexible policies to suit you and your horse’s needs
  • Cover for loss by theft or straying as standard
  • Financial support in the sad event of your horse’s death
  • Legal Advice Helpline open 24 hours a day
  • Optional veterinary fees cover for injury and illness
  • Add optional personal accident cover for anyone aged 5-75 years handling or riding your horse with your permission
  • Maximum veterinary fees up to £5,000 per condition
  • Third Party Liability cover up to £5 million per incident
  • Cover for your saddlery and tack if it is damaged, lost or stolen available as an optional extra

Rider Insurance

Riding accidents don’t just happen to horse owners. So if you ride, but don’t own or permanently loan a horse, you could benefit from Rider Plan. Cover is available for adults and children and includes personal accident, third party liability, emergency vet fees and riding equipment.

  • Separate cover policies for adults and under 18’s
  • Payment of up to £50 for every 24 hours you stay in hospital.
  • Tuition fees for riders aged under 18 years if they cannot attend classes because of a riding injury.
  • Emergency vet’s fees up to £1,500 for the horse being ridden.
  • Cover for your riding equipment if it is lost or damaged.

Veteran insurance

Peetplan Equine’s Veteran insurance policy is especially for older horses and ponies. Thanks to advances in equine nutrition and veterinary care, horses in the UK are not only living longer but also remaining active.

Older horses are more susceptible to certain conditions but there is no reason why they cannot remain fit and healthy.

Veteran Insurance plan offers you:

  • Essential cover for horses and ponies aged 17 years and over.
  • Payment of up to £1,500 following the death of your horse due to injury.
  • Optional vet’s fee cover paying up to £1,000 towards treatment for injury.
  • A choice of personal accident cover including dental treatment for the rider or handler.
  • Optional cover for your saddlery and tack if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

Horse & Pony Insurance

Regardless of the pursuits and activities you enjoy with your horse there is some cover that as a rider, you should never be without. Accidents can happen at any time and under a Petplan Equine policy we offer several essential benefits as standard.

  • Cover for the loss of your horse by theft or straying
  • Protection in the sad event of your horse’s death
  • Legal Advice Helpline open 24 hours a day

Petplan Equine’s main aim is to give our customers as much choice as possible and has flexible choices so you can select the exact level of cover you need. Tailor your cover to be as individual as your horse by choosing from a list of optional benefits including:

  • Up to £5,000 in vet fees per condition
  • Third Party Liability cover up to £3million
  • Cover for horses up to 25 years of age
  • Permanent Loss of Use
  • Personal Accident
  • Saddlery and Tack
  • Disposal
  • Cover for trailers and horse-drawn vehicles


  • Receive 1 months free insurance when taking out your policy online
  • Loyalty Area online – discounts on equine products and services
  • Regular news letters with discounts, help and tips.
  • Discounts on Events sponsored by Petplan Equine
  • Large library of Guides available on line; covering everything from Health and Wellbeing to Events and Competitions

Petplan Equine

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