Surewise Company Profile and Products

Finalist in the UK Financial Services Experience Awards 2016 was launched in April 2014, with the vision of providing affordable niche insurance products online. is now supported by a team of 10 with offices in both London and Essex.

With London offices based in the centre of the Insurance business sector Surewise works closely with underwriters to provide tailored insurance products that give clear and accurate advice to all its customers.

Surewise provides an informative and simple to use systems, clear claims process, simple to understand policy wording and of course ‘best buy’ products at competitive prices.

Animals Covered

  • Dog (Adult)
  • Dog (Puppy)
  • Cat (Adult)
  • Cat (Kitten)


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The Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pets have become bona fide family members who enjoy all the love, comfort and safety and security as everyone else – and that includes their medical care.

When your dog or cat falls ill or is injured, you want them to get the best possible care so that they can continue to live long and happy lives. Unfortunately, vet care can be expensive, especially for serious illnesses and injuries, and therefore pet insurance is so important to cover these, almost always unexpected costs. Surewise offers affordable pet insurance plans for dogs and cats in the UK, making it easy to keep your pets healthy. 

You can choose between Accident-only, time-limited policies and 3 levels of comprehensive pet insurance that cover a range of illnesses, conditions and injuries.

Start young and buy pet insurance for your puppy and kitten as soon as they are 8 weeks old. You can also buy pet insurance for older dogs (up to 8 years old) and senior cats (up to 10 years old).

Surewise Comprehensive Cover

Available in Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of cover..

  • Third party liability for dogs up to £2 million*
  • Travel and emergency expenses abroad
  • Holiday cancellation fees
  • Vet fees up to £6000 per condition*
  • Dental Treatment, Complimentary Therapies and Hydrotherapy covered
  • Cover against lost and stolen pets
  • Advertising and reward for lost or stolen pets
  • Protection against death from illness and accident
  • Loss of PETS passport
  • Vets paid directly
  • Easy SMS claim
  • Interest-free monthly payments


*Maximum benefit rates depend on which policy level you choose

Surewise Essential Time Limited Cover

  • Cover for a period of 12 months only
  • Vet fees up to £1500
  • Vet fees include complementary medicine, hydrotherapy, cruciate ligament, dental treatment required after an accident and special diet
  • Third party liability for dogs up to £1 million
  • Vets paid directly

Surewise Accident Only Cover

Accident Only Insurance

  • Pet insurance cover for vet fees up to £1000.
  • Vet fees include complementary treatment options, hydrotherapy, dental treatment
  • Death from accident
  • Third party liability for dogs up to £1 million

Benefits as a Surewise Customer

  • UK Based Call Centre
  • Online Library in ‘Pet Pages’ of product reviews and owner’s advice
  • Key Fact checker online to avoid trawling through all the small print of your policy when you need to check or claim 
  • Multi-Pet Insurance Discount of 10% when you insure 2 dogs or cats
  • 5 levels of cover to suit all budgets and every pet
  • Vet Direct Payments
  • PETS Cover included in all levels of Comprehensive Cover
  • Interest Free Instalments
  • Online Dog Breed Guides


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